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VIEW is a British picture library representing the archives of over 50 photographers with a special interest in architecture and design. Our photographers are carefully chosen for the quality and range of their international work. From Ando to Foster to Zumthor, we have thoughtful photography in individual personal styles. Whether you need pictures of an airport, a staircase, a pediment or a pop-up bar, the VIEW collection can supply an evocative image to fill the page, or the frame.. read more


  • book project needs you

    book project needs you

    ©Michele Nastasi
    ARABIAN TRANSFER is an ambitious book project by Michele Nastasi who has travelled through 6 middle eastern cities to make photographs that illustrate "a sense of presence, showing how these cities are actual places where people live, and where we can recognize, in an extreme and sometimes paradoxical form, the global condition to which today we all participate". There are just days left of his kickstarter campaign to support the project. Click the image above to go there.

  • natural English light

    natural English light

    ©Siobhan Doran
    A classic London Victorian terrace conversion.

  • assemble here

    assemble here

    ©Jim Stephenson
    Located on the campus of Goldsmiths, University of London, Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art is London’s newest contemporary arts institution, and open to everyone. Designed by Assemble.


  • Eliasson and Larsen

    Landscaped public square with abstract sculpture on waterside. Hotel Alsik, Sønderborg, Denmark. Architect: Henning Larsen, 2019. The Danish harbor town of Sønderborg, just north of the Germ…
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  • Assemble in Toxteth

    Derelict house awaiting redevelopment. Granby Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Architect: assemble, 2019. …
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