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VIEW is a British picture library representing the archives of over 50 photographers with a special interest in architecture and design. Our photographers are carefully chosen for the quality and range of their international work. From Ando to Foster to Zumthor, we have thoughtful photography in individual personal styles. Whether you need pictures of an airport, a staircase, a pediment or a pop-up bar, the VIEW collection can supply an evocative image to fill the page, or the frame.. read more


  • a roaming restaurant

    a roaming restaurant

    ©Luke Hayes
    A disused warehouse in The Cains Brewery, Liverpool is the location of the second Xiringuito during Winter 2016-7. Part of what makes this restaurant special is that it appears where you least expect it to be. As the context changes, it too changes to suit it. The architects realised if they made the whole restaurant with scaffolding, they could use the local scaffolder in whichever town it went to, borrowing from their inventory, and then returning the structure after use.

  • at last, affordable flats?

    at last, affordable flats?

    ©Richard Chivers
    Ladbroke Grove housing project:
    The new development creates a sustainable scheme in a highly sought after area which would normally be out of reach for first time buyers. The council invested £5.5 million in the three-year project. Westminster also wants to help its residents get a foot onto the first rung of the property ladder, creating an initiative whereby they can accrue £2,000 per annum that can be used for a deposit, subject to a good tenancy record.

  • assembly of parts

    assembly of parts

    ©Alastair Philip Wiper
    Boeing Everett Factory:
    This is the ... largest building in the world, we are told, where 747, 767, 777 and 787's are built and the series of photographs also include the delivery of a new Norwegian 787 at the Boeing Seattle Delivery Center.



    Sunlit sunken entrance with glazing. York University Subway Station, Toronto, Canada. Architect: Foster + Partners, 2018. Photographed by doublespace, York University Station develops themes first…
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  • Collage House

    Overall view from street. The Collage House, Navi Mumbai, India. Architect: SP+S Architects , 2016. Photographed by Edmund Sumner, a house that uses recycled materials to suggest memories of the p…
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