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VIEW is a British picture library representing the archives of over 50 photographers with a special interest in architecture and design. Our photographers are carefully chosen for the quality and range of their international work. From Ando to Foster to Zumthor, we have thoughtful photography in individual personal styles. Whether you need pictures of an airport, a staircase, a pediment or a pop-up bar, the VIEW collection can supply an evocative image to fill the page, or the frame.. read more


  • ART as HOUSE

    ART as HOUSE

    ©Raimund Koch
    American artist Doug Aitken has realized ‘Mirage’, a typical California ranch style house completely clad in reflective mirrored surfaces. Sited outside Palm Springs in Southern California, at the juncture where the San Jacinto mountain range opens up to the Coachella Valley, Aitken’s work acts as a life-size kaleidoscope, reflecting the vast, arid landscape. framing and distorting its surroundings, the reflective installation changes throughout the day, creating a range of unique experiences. ‘Mirage’ functions in response to the desert landscape that surrounds it, with its doors, windows, and openings removed to create a more fluid relationship with its environment. Mirage was part of Desert X art festival, an outdoor exhibition of art installations and site-specific works across the Coachella Valley and its desert landscape and is on view through October 31, 2017.



    ©Richard Chivers
    Construction progress: In a major expansion and overhaul of their original West End site, architects SODA Studio are upgrading an entire block of 15 Georgian townhouses, including 11 listed buildings and two of merit, for Soho House & Soho Estates – adding a contemporary architectural pavilion in the site’s central courtyard. Due for completion in 2017, the project involves the meticulous restoration of this historic site. This includes the restoration of Soho’s iconic dining spot, Kettner’s, to its former grandeur, and the complete refurbishment and revitalisation of the original Soho House club – including a redesign of its three signature ground floor restaurants and the creation of a new entrance space. They are also transforming Kettner’s upper storeys into 28 exclusive bedroom suites. The new, zinc-clad pavilion, with undulating pitched roofs, is the central point of the redevelopment and offsets the Georgian townhouses with its clean, modern materials and detailing.



    ©Richard Chivers
    We are bombed with thousands of pictures daily: here are a few evocative quiet compositions of the New York cityscape upon which to rest the eyes.


  • TONKIN LIU x 2

    The master photographer of the extraordinary house, Edmund Sumner, has two recent residential projects for us to consider: Ness Point Clifftop House and an extension, the Sun Rain Room. Ness Point…
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  • REVISITING …. x 2

    It is always important to us that we can publish new views of older architecture, it keeps the rush for the very very latest in perspective. David Borland is our time lord for the recent past. Here ar…
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