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©Peter Cook

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VIEW is a British picture library representing the archives of over 50 photographers with a special interest in architecture and design. Our photographers are carefully chosen for the quality and range of their international work. From Ando to Foster to Zumthor, we have thoughtful photography in individual personal styles. Whether you need pictures of an airport, a staircase, a pediment or a pop-up bar, the VIEW collection can supply an evocative image to fill the page, or the frame.. read more


  • Treehotel


    ©Hufton + Crow
    Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature. It is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport. Six Scandinavian architects have designed the treehouses which are arranged through a stretch of woodland, with designs by architects including Tham + Videgård Arkitekter and Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Snøhetta, Inrednin Gsgruppen, SandellSandberg and Cyrén & Cyrén

  • Mirror Point House

    Mirror Point House

    ©James Brittain
    Mirror Point House is set on a remote lake in Nova Scotia, Canada, not far from the coastal town of Annapolis Royal. Designed by Canada's award-winning MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple architects, the main living space is raised on stilts to maximize the view. The exterior is clad in cedar shingle.

  • ENOUGH House

    ENOUGH House

    ©James Brittain
    Enough House is built to accommodate architectural interns at the studios of renowned Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons. The core-ten building explores the idea of both providing and using just "enough" for responsible living in the modern age.


  • VIΛ 57 Manhattan

    VIΛ 57 West, designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group for the Durst Organization, introduces a new typology to New York City: the Courtscraper. VIΛ occupies nearly a full city block at the corner of West…
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  • Series “Zelfbouw”

    Zelfbouw, meaning ‘self-build’ in Dutch, is a current planning trend in The Netherlands. While there have always been people building their own homes, zelfbouw has been actively promoted over the …
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