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VIEW is a British picture library representing the archives of over 50 photographers with a special interest in architecture and design. Our photographers are carefully chosen for the quality and range of their international work. From Ando to Foster to Zumthor, we have thoughtful photography in individual personal styles. Whether you need pictures of an airport, a staircase, a pediment or a pop-up bar, the VIEW collection can supply an evocative image to fill the page, or the frame.. read more


  • old cottage, untouched

     old cottage, untouched

    ©James Morris
    This cottage rests in peace: it escaped a conventional make-over by the extraordinary attention of the architects who preserved existing ivy, birds' nests and crumbling structure.

  • standing studio

    standing studio

    ©Dennis Gilbert
    An imaginative conversion of an old printing shop into an architects’ studio with bespoke features and furnishings, including rising desks for standing to attention at work.

  • building community

    building community

    ©Nathan Willock
    ... this was awarded Building of the Year at WAF 2104: an innovative new build community centre in Vietnam, now recently photographed for us.



    Khorakiwala Residence A private one-of-a-kind experimental house in Alibaug near Mumbai. The concept echoes a deep understanding of centuries of traditional ‘Konkan’ construction techniques alb…
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    Traffic and the increasing flow of bicycles are separated in an elegant transformation of an old roundabout into a pedestrian/cycle square. DSDHA write [we like the last sentence]: "DSDHA have complet…
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