Susan Fisher Plotner

Susan Fisher Plotner is an accomplished photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and design worldwide. Her exceptional imagery highlights the achievements of award-winning clients including international architects, designers, developers and others in the business of building and design. “Over the years I have worked with a wide range of wonderful architects and designers who compose whole landscapes―whether commercial or public spaces, primary schools or private residences―by arranging materials and textures in inventive ways. I particularly delight in pulling their puzzles apart, finding a sketch or scene within the larger landscape they created. I enjoy the beauty of micro-landscapes—elegance in the smallest of details—finding planes, geometry, patterns and color in our broader tableau.” Susan is noted for “…great range, impeccable lighting and a strong eye for composition.” Her client list is extensive and always expanding with new design talent. Her work appears regularly in local and international press, has been exhibited in solo and group shows in London and the US, and is held in private collections around the world. Susan is based in New York and London and is a regular contributor to The New York Times.