Series “Zelfbouw”

Zelfbouw, meaning ‘self-build’ in Dutch, is a current planning trend in The Netherlands. While there have always been people building their own homes, zelfbouw has been actively promoted over the past few years. Responding to the financial and real estate crises, large developers are being kept out of the loop in urban expansion plans all… Read more »

ENOUGH house

Enough House is built to accommodate architectural interns at the studios of renowned Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons. The core-ten building explores the idea of both providing and using just “enough” for responsible living in the modern age. ©James Brittain    enough                

FAITH banners

FAITH IN ARCHITECTURE An eclectic selection of buildings that support one faith or another. The first is a collection of priests and church officials at a new monastery in the Czech Republic by John Pawson.

Museo Internacional del Barroco MIB

In the Mexican city of Puebla, acclaimed Japanese architect Toyo Ito has designed a museum dedicated to baroque art. The Museo Internacional del Barroco, or simply the MIB, occupies a prominent UNESCO world heritage site in the country’s fourth largest city. The project seeks to translate the baroque movement, which is considered to be one… Read more »

Zaha Hadid in Antwerp

The Antwerp Port authority took the ambitious route to extend their offices: they hired Zaha Hadid. Hufton + Crow visited the building to record the addition in their own way. all photos: ©Hufton + Crow port