Eliasson and Larsen

Landscaped public square with abstract sculpture on waterside. Hotel Alsik, Sønderborg, Denmark. Architect: Henning Larsen, 2019.

The Danish harbor town of Sønderborg, just north of the German border, has long drawn visitors for its provincial way of life: Hiking trails, historical interpretive centers and coastal fishing have made the town a destination in the region. The Hotel Alsik adds a new dimension to the map. It is designed to amplify the new energy of this masterplan, adding cosmopolitan allure to the city center and circulating urban activity throughout its surroundings. The tower’s 19 stories are also a stark contrast to the traditional low-rise brick architecture that dominates the streets of Sønderborg. The color palette of Hotel Alsik’s aluminum and glass façade reflects the orange, red and brown hues that define the weathered brick of Sønderborg’s harborfront heritage. An abstracted brick motif weaves its way up the hotel’s façade – where the traditional building material meets its modern interpretation, Hotel Alsik balances context with contrast. At the top of the hotel is an observation deck, fully open to the general public, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering stunning panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside. At night, the glow from within crowns Hotel Alsik with a band of warm light – A visual parallel to the beam of a lighthouse; a homage to Sønderborg’s seafaring history.