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FAITH IN ARCHITECTURE An eclectic selection of buildings that support one faith or another. The first is a collection of priests and church officials at a new monastery in the Czech Republic by John Pawson.

Koepel op de Overplaats

Located in a 17th century estate close to Haarlem (The Netherlands) this dome (Literally theekoepel= tea dome) was the winning entry of a design competition to replace the original dome that had been burnt down by vandals. It is designed as a space for quiet and contemplation. ©Sonia Mangiapane tea dome        

Art Building American School London

The new building’s sculptural quality is fitting to the work that goes on inside. The façade is a unique piece of design that draws on the timeless quality of stone. It is the product of close collaboration between the design team and the stonemason and thoroughly embraces what modern manufacturing techniques can offer. The chosen… Read more »

Museo Internacional del Barroco MIB

In the Mexican city of Puebla, acclaimed Japanese architect Toyo Ito has designed a museum dedicated to baroque art. The Museo Internacional del Barroco, or simply the MIB, occupies a prominent UNESCO world heritage site in the country’s fourth largest city. The project seeks to translate the baroque movement, which is considered to be one… Read more »

Belarusian Memorial Chapel

The first new-build wooden church building to be built in London since the Great Fire of London. This chapel was commissioned by the Holy See of Rome for the Belarusian Diaspora Community in London to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. In Belarus alone, almost 25% of its territory and 20%… Read more »